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During the jirtig ritual, both the bride and groom sit on a brim-embroidered, red-covered wooden bed, surrounded. class=" fc-falcon">Bale Boroon.

Salat al-Istikhara – Prayers to Allah.

4: Wife battery or any kind of mistreatment of the wife that is intolerable in the wife’s condition.

One area that has come under scrutiny is the way women dress and wear their hair - the old Shah, in the 1930s. Muslim Wedding Traditions in Iran. There are two stages in a typical wedding ritual.

They have evolved over time, but they still retain many of the traditional aspects that were first introduced centuries ago.

class=" fc-falcon">Bale Boroon. . May 23, 2023 · The Iranian wedding ceremony despite its local and regional variations, like many other rituals in the country goes back to the ancient Zoroastrian tradition.

Having said all that, the foundation of the Persian ceremony remains the same. Below are some of the cultures and traditions that are a fundamental part of the Muslim wedding.


One of these is the Sugar Rubbing ritual that involves several well-wishing women spreading sweetness in the couple’s life and marriage.

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The sacred months of Muharram and Ramadan are very bad times to hold a wedding. Jun 17, 2022 · Whether it is Indian, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan or Pakistani, a Muslim wedding in South Asia is sure to be a beautiful and celebratory affair.

Here, Middle East Eye explores what happens at a traditional Iranian wedding as part of a series on wedding traditions from around the region.
Weddings in Iran are huge and family-centred and the traditions of a Persian wedding vary from region to region.

Some of the common customs and traditions in Muslim Weddings include the favorite time of year for a wedding is Shawwal.


The mahr may be separated into two parts. . Expensive weddings and mass weddings.

Oct 8, 2015 · Nilou Weddings. . Apr 7, 2022 · A typical Iranian wedding is rich in symbolism. Feb 19, 2021 · class=" fc-falcon">Although much has changed due to the Islamic traditions, the Iranian wedding ceremonies of today remain relatively the same as before. Persian Wedding, Persian Wedding Traditions, عروسى ايرانى , Iranian Wedding Traditions, Iranian Christian Wedding Hymn, Farsi Christian Wedding Hymn, Iranian Wedding Traditional Table, Sofreh Aghd, Persian Wedding Spread items and their significance & meaning.


They have evolved over time, but they still retain many of the traditional aspects that were first introduced centuries ago. .



Islamic weddings in Iran have their own unique set of traditions.